How To Get Your Kids Ready For Summer Vacation During Divorce

When the end of the school year rolls around every year and kids come streaming out of the schoolhouse ready to start summer vacation, parents across the country scramble to find activities that will help the summer pass with ease. Sometimes this means finding a summer camp for your kids to go to, planning a family vacation to the beach or mountains, or checking in with your parents to see if they have time for a visit with their grandchildren. But for kids of divorce, the plans can take longer to make and become a little more complicated in the process. It is hard enough for kids to split their time between two homes during the school year but when summertime comes and the neighborhood children are gathering for sleepovers, a child of divorce can easily miss out on certain events. This can make the summer hard on your kids, and is all the more reason to take special care when planning for the summer break from school if you are divorced.

Some tips for how to plan a summer vacation your kids will enjoy, even during (or after) divorce include:

  • Talk openly with your kids about how their summer break from school will be spent. This is especially important if your kids are older or participate in summer sports or other activities. Having a conversation and listening to what matters to your kids and what they might be worried or anxious about will show them that while their parents are no longer married, they remain a priority.
  • Work out your schedule with your ex in advance if possible. Most final decrees of divorce or temporary orders have the summer schedule spelled out for you.  If you know a favorite niece or uncle is getting married over the summer, coordinate with your ex as far out as possible so your kids can attend the event with you. If an important date falls during a time that your ex has possession, discuss possibly changing weeks or weekends that are designated as “yours”. Make sure all agreed changes appear in writing so dates and times are very clear.  Keeping an open line of communication regarding the kids will go a long way to get your ex on board with out of the ordinary requests.  Keep in mind, however, that this should be a two-way street. Doing so will save you a lot of stress and disappointment down the road.
  • Remain flexible with your plans and with your schedule. Things happen; important events are planned by your kids’ friends and schoolmates that should be taken into consideration. Remember that you may need a favor from your ex at some point, so if you are asked to make a concession and are able to do so it is to your benefit to try.

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