A Top Ten List Of Divorce Case Questions

Going through a divorce is not an easy process, even when the parties are able to agree on how to resolve many of the issues. The simple fact is that divorce is an emotional matter, and it is easy to get caught up on this aspect of the case rather than to place your focus on the issues that matter most. Some parts of a divorce case seem pretty straightforward, and most people know that the Court will enter orders concerning property division and where the kids will live. But, there are other issues that can be just as important to the outcome, and should not be overlooked as you go through your divorce case.

In order to make sure that you have every issued handled properly, here is a good top ten list of questions to make sure you address with your divorce attorney:

  • How long will my case take? It is important to know what to expect, as best you can, when getting divorced. For many people, this includes knowing at least an estimate of a timetable. Moving on with your post-divorce life can be critical, and it is helpful to know when you might be able to start making decisions and taking actions that impact you as a single person rather than part of a married couple.
  • Will I have to go to Court? Most people do not go to Court on a daily basis, and preparation is key. Being prepared starts with knowing when and where you are expected to appear, and what might transpire within the walls of the Courthouse. A skilled family law attorney will be able to put you at ease by helping you understand what happens in the Courtroom.
  • What items are subject to division between the parties, and is there a prenuptial agreement that might come into play in this regard?
  • What is your overall financial picture likely to look like after divorce? This will include making sure any support payments are adequate, and exploring options to manage your debt such as loan consolidation or possibly bankruptcy.
  • Is there a family owned business that needs to be divided, sold, or continually operated by one or both spouses? Just because you are getting divorced, it does not mean you may not be able to work alongside your ex. Many couples are able to co-exist as co-workers much better than they were able to do as a married pair.
  • Will any changes to your investments or other estate planning documents need to be made? It is common to change the beneficiary on important documents from your spouse to another family member after divorced, but this task is frequently overlooked during divorce.
  • Do the ages of your children make a difference when determining custody? In some cases, with older kids, the preference of the children is taken into consideration. Make sure you talk things over with your kids, and then express your concerns to your attorney so the end result works for your family.
  • Is there a possibility that there is electronically stored data that might be used as evidence? In today’s digital age, it is becoming more and more common to resort to use of cell phone records and posts on social media sites when issues become hotly contested. If you want to avoid having your private information made public, take a moment to pause before you start or respond to a post online.
  • What fees will be required to initiate the action, and to maintain it through to completion? Because money is always an issue in divorce, make sure you are clear on the agreement between you and your attorney for the legal services needed, as well as how any court cost expenses will be paid.
  • Is there a chance of reconciliation? Sometimes this question cannot be answered until you are in the midst of the case, and that’s OK.

Our goal is to make sure you are satisfied with the results, and that your interests are properly represented. If you are considering divorce or have been served with papers, contact us to learn what steps to take next.

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